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We stock Diesel engines for freight liners, excavation equipment, skid steers, dump trucks and so much more!

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Used & Tested Industrial Engines

Saving money in today’s world, has become essential. With APX you can save hundreds and possibly thousands of dollars by getting a Quality tested used Engine or Transmission to repair your equipment. With APX you will have peace of mind knowing your Engine or Transmission has been run tested, cleaned, and certified. The best part about purchasing a used Engine or Transmission is that they’re always Original Equipment Manufacturer replacement parts and are 100% Guaranteed!

Remanufactured Industrial Engines

The Difference Between a Rebuilt Engine and a Remanufactured Engine
This is probably the most confused term that is used in the engine replacement market today. A rebuilt engine is NOT the same as a new remanufactured engine. We have already shown that a new remanufactured engine is actually better than a new engine. A rebuilt engine is significantly different than a new remanufactured engine. A rebuilt engine is an engine that is just fixed, some parts replaced, and shipped to you with a limited and fine print warranty. What exactly does this mean?
Cheap Rebuilt Engines
An example of this would be if the engine failed due to the main bearings going bad, then a rebuilt engine will have the lower end parts that failed replaced. The upper part of the engine with the old parts would not be replaced; they would just be cleaned up. An example would be leaving the old cam, cam bearings, valves, springs, etc. still in the engine and not being replaced while the lower end got new bearings.
The advantage of a rebuilt engine would appear to be the lower price. The problem with this is that the quality of the engine along with the longevity of it is drastically reduced. Most rebuilt engines typically last maybe one year or less and the warranty has to be looked at very closely to find out what loopholes’ there may be. If you want to replace the engine of your vehicle so you can turn around and get rid of it, then a rebuilt might be an okay option. If you are looking for reliability, high quality, a true warranty, hassle free operation, and longevity then a new remanufactured engine from is going to be your best option.


Our professionally trained and ASE certified technicians completely remanufacture each Engine back to original equipment specifications plus all new updates!
• Engine pressure is tested after assembly to assure water jacket integrity
• Spin tested after assembly to assure compression, oil flow, oil pressure, and real main seal
• Cranks turned on state of the art equipment and micro-polished to OE “roughness” spec
• New pistons, rings, bearings, gaskets, timing chain or belt, valves, valve springs, and freeze plugs are added
• Heads resurfaced, valve seats re-cut, vacuum tested after assembly, and pressure tested as an individual casting
• Blocks bored, align honed, and cylinder honed with computerized equipment for perfect finish size and taper
• Most Engines are shipped as “long block” assemblies and include a new water pump and gasket set.




We guarantee 100% that the part is exactly what you ordered.We have the best warranties in the industry

We stock long block assemblies as well as drop in ready remanufactured diesel engines for most makes and models!

Some of the remanufactured diesel engines we carry: CAT, CUMMINS, ISUZU, KUBOTA, INTERNATIONAL, CAT 3126 CAT 3208 CAT CAT C-7 CAT C-9 CAT C-13 CAT C-15, 6HK ISX

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  • Low Price Guarantee
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  • Every Engine is Run or Compression tested then cleaned to insure quality
  • Massive Inventory of Used and Remanufactured Engines and Control Modules
  • Truly remanufactured Engines not “Rebuilt”
  • Unbeatable Price – Quality – Customer Service